SAORI Spirit Studio - Freestyle Weaving

Small-group weaving instruction - now in TUCSON, ARIZONA

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Enjoy weaving that sets your creativity free.

You can weave on a loom that is completely ready for use, choosing from a large selection of yarns.

Classes are offered for all ages, all levels.

Because the loom is already warped, you can begin weaving in minutes, even with no prior experience. An introductory session of four 2-hour classes is $100.

We are authorized dealers for SAORI looms and accessories.

Looms are not usually in stock, but are ordered from Japan. Your loom will either be sent to the studio (where it will be assembled for you) or sent directly to your home, whichever you prefer. Delivery usually takes less that 3 weeks.

Contact us for more information.

Email or call 770-313-0218

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