Saori Looms

The Saori looms, made in Japan,  are thoughtfully designed by a weaver to be extremely user friendly. All of the folding looms are very portable. The built-in bobbin winder and the ability to use readymade warps are unique to the Saori looms.

SX60  $1490 as configured  (cones of yarn in photo are not included)

2-harness folding loom  with wood and metal frame  – 23″ weaving width

This loom comes complete with built-in bobbin winder and a 150-thread, 6-meter black cotton warp.  Boat shuttle, bobbins, reed hook and threading hook are included.

It folds to only 9″ in depth (while warped) and is light and easy to move.  It is also available with 4 harnesses and in a taller version.


WX60  $1558 as configured

This is the newer model of 2-harness folding loom, with all-wood frame.

It is very similar to the SX60, except that it uses a friction braking system rather than a brake cable, and it has some small improvements. It is shipped disassembled, but is easy assembled in about 3 hours.

Height extenders and wheels are available, as is a 4-harness version.


Piccolo C  $1074 as configured (cone of yarn in photo is not included)

Smaller, all chrome-plated metal 2-harness folding loom – 15.8″ weaving width

The Piccolo C comes with a shelf and the built-in bobbin winder, but does not include the boat shuttle, bobbins, reed hook, or threading hook. A 1oo-thread, 6-meter black cotton warp is included.


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